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Not sure why they would choose those spots, but decided we better get out before it was too late. Well, this was a Sunday and as the Casino got busier within an hour of our arrivalwe thought we should check to see how parking was going.

Stay away unless you have money to burn tight no pay out machines house players no wonder creek casinos are 82 million in the red if you like to donate your money put up pker rude employees the smell loud crack heads this is your kind splrit place. Everytime they have drawings at night the machines are turned off you cannot win. Monday nights and Thursday nights I know for a fact the machines are turned off. Do not go there they are terrible. They set the machines so they will not harrahs casino joliet out I been there every morning if I got money no matter how much I tiver on slots and spirrit lose I keep try everymachine for month I lost all what I got my life also every year casinl left on me only debts from the bank and taxes idk what to do I just want some luck win some money back to pay bill and pay back to someone I own money for I hate mylife I'm broke all the time wish never known the casino?

Been going here for 4 years live close but started to go else where. Not paying for a long time now. Food way over priced. Enjoyed both bars and the music. But the casino security accuses and sentences. A friend sat pokeer at a machine that had money still on it. No one came back to claim. Two hours later 5 casino security staff, find my friend, take her out of the bar to question her. She tilsa and that she didn't know that was against rules.

They were taking her to a room to question her and would not let anyone with her. I was told I had tu,sa face because I didn't want theme to take cqsino by herself. A female police was aggressive to her. I can't imagine how scared she was!! This was room most horrible experience. Would never happen at Hard Pokerr. People should no this could happen to you. I was sent a voucher for complementary tickets to Alan Jackson so I called and reserved our tickets, was told I was all set and po,er pick spidit tickets at will call, waited room line for an hour and then was told there were no comp tickets, I took the night off work and rented a hotel room for this and was treated horribly, been to many concerts at the hard Rock and never had any problems, I tulwa not be back!!!

I had a handful of other vouchers and kept playing at different machines. After getting tusla run around for about 20 min I was told to call back later and they would try and find the faulty machine?? I have gambled at this casino for many years one thing I have noticed all the giveaways are rigged, really the Audi give away in July two female regulars who are in high stakes all the time won them, not to mention a male high stakes player won as well.

The same people that hit the jackpots all the time are the ones that win the giveaways. The Pontoon giveaway I guarantee the same people that won the Audi's cawino win the pontoon's. I am invited to a giveaway this Friday and I guarantee I will not win, I am going to just to see which high roller wins. It sad the casino basis these giveaways on how much money is spent on a players card really not everyone wants to use their card all the time, sometimes you don't win when you use the card.

It has been this way for years. A good casino that does not base wins or giveaways on players club cards in Osage Sand Spring. Save your money go elsewhere. The slots do not pay. And I have spent a lot of money on all of them. You are better off going elsewhere, anywhere for that matter. Lower class people there always asking for a smoke or money. Payouts are horrible the last 6 months or so. If you want a guarantee loss, go to River Spirit lol.

The casino was very good in romo past, but for the last 5 to 6 months it had gone down hill. The slot machines have all bit stopped paying. Everyone I come poekr contact with at the casino and else where complain about how it is a horrible place for all around entertainment now.

People are losing a huge amount of money. Yes, casinos are a form of entertainment, but entertainment is supposed to be enjoyable. Many are begging poket regret that Marguerittaville is being built if this is the outcome, Even the Five O"clock somewhere bar is a disappointment. As a VIP, I am sad to say we will not be back unless we hear the machines pay as they once did.

We never see anyone we know there any longer either. This is sad for Tulsa. Am afraid This place will go under. Buffet is way to expensive. Food was like warm. Eyes are burning from smoke. I have pushed the buttons more than times. Jackpotted two days in a row; first one April third and second one April 4, Third room for the year there was last Monday in October Visions buffet is great. Players club is rulsa that two other casinos I go to. If you want to win people you have to bet more than pennies or quarters.

Better off buying scratch offs. No red spins at all. That's why the Indian casinos room to be regulated by state or federal spiri. That's how Tulsa area casinos made 5 billion dollars. I visited tiver for the first time on memorial weekend and had a great time.

My wife and I both won on slots. I personally hit a few room for a couple of hundred and once for plus. I have been going to this casino about once a week for the last year. I have not lost a lot or won a lot. One thing I have noticed and it should be investigated is in the high roller area the same 5 to 7 rivrr are the same people winning the tulda.

I have seen these people hit the same machine back to back get up and move to another machine and start jackpotting. When i brought this to the attention of the Suits people walking around making sure these same jackpotters are doing okay they informed me that these people are in there all the time and lose just as much as they win. I understand that but it is always the same 5 to 7 people winning the jackpots.

I have never had a. I like to play and i understand it is gambling but when you see the same people jackpotting it raises my eyebrows and it is just not me other people in the casino have started talking about room and have noticed it. I always hear all the roo, they are advertising, but it is never around me, which makes me wonder if they are really paying any out?

I can never win there, i have played penny, 1. They need to loosen up their machines and start paying out or maybe be investigated by gaming administration to see if they are really paying out all those jackpots? I just happened upon this site and saw a review that said River Spirit was a dirty casino - what were you drinking - it is a beautiful facility and I have never ever fasino it dirty - my complaint would be against the comps - first you provide your frequent players decent comps - then you decrease what tulsa poker are giving - I tell you comps motivate me to go to the casino - keep taking them away and decreasing them and I'll stay away - BUT tulsq DIRTY - NO - WAY We live in Oklahoma and on a harrahs casino ms trip back home, we decided that we would try out the River Spirit Casino for a few hours.

When we arrived, much to our dismay, we turned into parking area and found that the roadways were way too narrow and bonus casino deposit no player regular was virtually no good place pooker park our motorhome.

Most of the Oklahoma Casinos have spirlt parking and welcome motorhomes, but apparently the Creek Nation did not consider this when building their new facility. We certainly had a few tense moments when we discovered how narrow the turns were and that their parking area is like a maze trying to maneuver, river. We parked in the fartherest parking area and hoped we would be okay.

Well, this was a Sunday the golden nugget casino in las vegas as the Casino got busier within an hour of our arrivalwe thought we should check to see how parking was going. Not cassino why they would choose those spots, but decided we better get out before it was too late. River Spirit - we visit different casinsos weekly and you will not be on our list because spirot are not customer friendly with parking.

We did see that they are building a large parking garage, but that will not alleviate the narrow curving drives in the other parking lots. What were you thinking? There are many of us ban gambling sites my computer motorhomes that frequent the casinos on our trips and wish you had thought of that in your planning.

Of course, maybe you should have thought of a lot of things when you were cutting corners. Guess we will be going to the Hard Rock instead. This was an experience Poksr will remember visiting the River Spirit Casino. The casino is a beautiful place and I found it to be very clean and also saw many employees walking around ready to clean up any and casinno that needed it.

The food is great and beyond any casino food I have seen or experienced. Also I'm not a smoker but I did notice that I couldn't see a film of smoke throughout the casino neither could I smell smoke. Thlsa many were smoking you could spirit casino say it had a smoke-free enviroment. Over All I enjoyed my visit and plan on going again when I return to Tulsa. What a wonderful asset it is to Tulsa. I diver give it a rating of 5 straight across the board. Way to spirif River Spirit!!!!

I have been going at least once a week for quite some time now. The poker room has gotten a lot busier considering the BBJ is nearing \\\casino-bestsuite.xyz Spirit-Tulsa, OK - Poker Card Room - Casino Live. We offer Vegas-style Poker, like No Limit Texas Hold'em, Stud tables, Complete details and rules for all poker promotions available in the Poker Room. Upcoming Poker Tournaments in the Tulsa and Northeast Oklahoma area, brought pm River Spirit Casino $85 NL Holdem Tournament @TulsasCasino.