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This gap between the Vegas line, the real line, and differences between other uncer books betting lines and spreads is where value can be found. Conversely, in most other countries financial spread betting income is considered taxable. The popularity of financial spread betting in the UK and some other European countries, compared to trading other speculative financial instruments such as CFDs and futures is partly due to this tax advantage.

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How To Bet on Goal Totals Over / Unders

In sports betting, an over/under bet refers to a wager in which the sports book predicts a number for a statistic in the game in question, and the bettors have to. OVER/UNDER odds, or 'totals' betting, is growing in popularity and is often the best wager you can make on a game. Let's face it – some games are a toss-up. Over Under Betting Explained – Bet on the totals on football (Over Goals / Under Goals) and basketball with examples.